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1. Why should I join the Pizzoccheri Franchise Team?

Pizzoccheri Franchise program offers you a great opportunity to own and run your own business with a very low investment in Italian Food sector, simple and highly streamlined operations, flexible floor plans, new generation marketing platform (digital and social), family-line support right from the brand owner, on-job training program, ongoing development of brand, store design, construction, opening and operational support,lease negotiations, construction support on regular intervals and many more micro supports for which we will be with you before you even expect us.

2. What kind of locations are right for Pizzoccheri?

Our vision is to make Italian food as popular as McDonald's has made Burgers. Hence our concept has been designed with a crucial principle of Flexibility. Starting from 80 Sqft to 2000 Sqft, we can fit the concept anywhere - all we have to do is just apply our intent - Make it Happen! We can explore any location that is attached to, located within, or located on the property of an existing business or facility. Most, or sometimes, all of its customers are pulled from the host location's existing customer base. These locations can be semi-captive or captive. Some examples include locations within corporate IT Parks, company premises, colleges, universities, hospitals, airports, convenience stores, cricket stadium.

3. What is the area required for a location?

Though we have multiple formats planned-out with different size requirements (Kisok - 80 Sqft, Food-court 250-300 sqft and restaurants 1000-2000 sqft area), however size will be determined based on expected footfall in that geographical area and our current presence there.

4. How much is the franchisee fee?

The franchisee fee is Rs.2.5 Lacs for Kiosks and Rs.5 Lacs for Food Courts and Restaurants (please refer 'Promotional Offers' section to see latest offers).

5. How much are the royalty and advertising fee?

The franchisee pays 6.9% of Net Sales as Royalty and 2.5% for Marketing Fund.

6. How much does it cost to open a Pizzoccheri restaurant?

With location flexibility and an easy-to-run operation built on simplicity and efficiency, our start-up costs are lower than most restaurants. As each location is different and investment varies depending on restaurant size, build-up cost, local taxes etc, Initial investment can be as low as Rs.12 Lacs and may go upto Rs.40 - Rs.45 Lacs. A detailed report of capital requirements will be prepared once location is finalised.

7. What are the returns for my investment?

Our staff or sales team is not permitted provide any oral or written information concerning potential or actual sales. Actual results vary from restaurant to restaurant and we can't estimate the results of any particular franchise. However you can Click Here to see our generic costs' breakup which explains to you how much you should be spending of your sales on individual cost factors or vice-versa which costs to reduce to maximise your profits.

8. Will I receive training?

Training will be compulsory for all franchisees. Initially it would be one week training delivered in our restaurants. Later-on, we are planning a dedicated training kitchen where classroom as well as operational skills will be delivered with the help of latest technologies.

9. What is the Basic Skill Test required to become a franchisee?

This test is compulsory and tests your basic business knowledge.

10. Who will build my restaurant?

You will get a detailed design from our Restaurant Design team as well as recommended contractors that other owners and company restaurants in the area have used. Nevertheless, you are responsible for hiring a contractor to build your location but even then we will monitor and guide your at every step of your restaurant construction.

11. Do I have to negotiate the lease for my location?

All leases are corporately held and you will receive a sublease. All real estate selections for PIZZOCCHERI restaurants begin with with a proposal to our Leasing Team by submitting a location online. The initial draft of the lease (given by landlord) for desired locations is sent to our leasing team for review. Leasing team negotiates provisions with the landlord and arrives at a lease that meets both the landlord's and the tenant's needs.

12. Where will all of my supplies come from?

We require all franchisees to order food from an approved food distributor. This ensures that all PIZZOCCHERI restaurants have the best quality food while allowing maximum savings. PIZZOCCHERI will have an purchasing board comprising the franchisees that negotiates the lowest costs for goods and services while maintaining quality, standards and ensuring the best value for PIZZOCCHERI's franchisees.