1. Restaurant General Manager

Your mission? To make sure our guests have a brilliant time and want to come back again and again. The result? A profitable, thriving restaurant. You'll make this happen by leading from the front. Your enthusiasm will be infectious, as you develop a team that are always learning and get a real kick out of what they do.

At this senior level, you'll tackle exciting commercial challenges: driving our business forward; devising strategies to attract customers, analysing performance and using your business brain to identify new opportunities. It also means planning for the future - whether keeping abreast of new products or scheduling staff training.

2. Assistant Manager

When the Restaurant Manager's (RGM) away, you're in charge. You'll run the shift, keep spirits high in your team, and ensure everyone's having great food and a great time. You'll also learn fast, developing skills beyond day-to-day operations. Already, we'll be looking to you to suggest ways to help the restaurant grow. It's a responsible role. You'll be supporting the RGM as well as the team. And you'll need to know when to step in and solve problems when the pressures on. But it's also rewarding, with a real chance to develop. No matter how hectic it gets, you'll be there to iron out any problems, and keep everyone smiling.

3. Shift Manager

You will manage your shift under the guidance of RGM and AM. Self-motivated and full of enthusiasm, you'll inspire your team to be themselves and give of their best. In absence of Assistant Manager, you will step-up and support RGM to run the restaurant smoothly. You can create a real buzz in a restaurant; a buzz that your team and your customers feel in equal measure. You'll see the results in the form of happy guests and impressive sales figures. No matter how hectic it gets, you'll be there to iron out any problems, and keep everyone smiling.

4. Trainee Shift Manager

We want people with plenty of get-up-and-go attitude, a YES attitude and burning desire to excel in their first management role of life. You will be eager to pass this role asap and move up the ladder. You will be shadowing Assistant Manager and learn management rules. You show fully confidence and knowledge to be a Buddy Trainer for new team-members.

5. P&P Artist

As P&P stands for Pizza & Pasta, you will be a real artist of Pizza & Pasta sections along with rest of the menu. You will be responsible for Portion & Quality control in your section. You will have excellent customer skills combined with confidence to work on cash counters. Friendly, efficient and up-beat, you like working in a fast-paced place and love being part of a friendly team. 

6. Pizza or Pasta Artist

You will be responsible for Pizza or Pasta section and strive to achieve perfection in given area. You will show eagerness to learn other tasks and complete training plan of other section within specified period to be a P&P Artist. Punctuality, Attendance and Discipline will be key attributes to display. You will possess excellent team skills and support your team whenever required.

7. Trainee Pizza Artist

We welcome freshers who can show eagerness to lean and possess good communication skills. You will have natural affection for kitchen and customer service skills.

8. Kitchen Buddy

You will be a key support to team to run your kitchen successfully. You will be responsible to maintain food hygiene and safety through your work activities. You will also support the team wherever required.